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What conditions can AOSM treat?

AOSM is a combined team of sports doctors and orthopaedic surgeons , so we cover all musculoskeletal and sports conditions – ranging from acute injuries and fractures, to chronic degenerative joint conditions,across all age ranges from children to mature adults.

AOSM can assess and manage the full spectrum of sporting injuries and conditions on-site, and can arrange surgical assessment, when needed. For example, our surgeons can assist with complex fractures and ligament injuries, or for degenerative conditions that have gone beyond conservative management.

What surgical procedures does AOSM offer?

Upper limb surgery including:

– Fixation and stabilisation of all upper limb fractures and dislocations, including injuries of the clavicle, acromio-clavicular joint, humerus, wrist, elbow, hand and fingers 
– Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, stabilisation, labral surgery, total shoulder replacements (including the latest techniques in reverse shoulder joint replacements)
– Carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, arthritis surgery for the elbow, hand, finger or thumb , Dupuytren’s contracture surgery

Lower limb surgery including:

– Fixation and stabilisation of all lower limb fractures, including hip, above knee and below knee, ankle, foot and toe
– Arthroscopic knee meniscal cartilage surgery and cruciate ligament reconstruction
– Knee replacements including uni-compartmental (partial) knee replacements, revision knee replacements, and osteotomy (re-aligning knee joint to relieve arthritis symptoms)
– Arthroscopy of hip for a range of conditions including: labral repair and reconstruction, instability and ligamentum teres reconstruction, femora-acetabular impingement (FAI)
– Total hip replacements including posterior hip replacements, anterior hip replacements, and revision hip replacements
– Ankle surgery including arthroscopic joint debridement, fusion and joint replacement, and ankle ligament reconstruction
– Toe fusion, bunion surgery, foot correction surgery (for high arch or turned-in heel), all foot and ankle fracture management

Are referrals required?

A referral is required to see our specialist surgeons but is NOT needed to see our sports doctors. ASD can provide referrals for you if you wish to be seen by one of the associated AOSM surgeons or if imaging is required on-site (including MRI Medicare rebates if Medicare criteria are met).

What are sports GP doctors?

Fully qualified general practitioners who have an interest in sports medicine and focus on preventing, diagnosing and managing sporting related injuries and associated conditions. Our doctors are Australian trained, Fellows of and examiners for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), Members of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA).

Are Appointments needed?

Consultation is by appointment only, for all surgeons and sports GP doctors. Our approachable reception staff are trained to assist you in determine the timing and duration of appointment required, and same day appointments are generally available. Due to the unpredictable nature of the presentations to our clinic, there may be unexpected delays, but we endeavour to minimise disruptions to appointment times.

What are the Opening Hours?

As AOSM covers a variety of health care workers, often with differing schedules, a definitive list of opening hours cannot be provided on this website for all surgeons.

Please see ‘Our Team’ and be directed to the supplied link for each provider’s website.

Our Sports Doctor’s clinic is staffed as follows:
Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:00pm most days except public holidays.

Saturday and Sunday – 3:00 -5: 00pm most weekends of the year except public holidays. 

We are open with same day appointments usually available with our sports GP doctors.    

Our doctors are sometimes assisting surgeons in theatre during opening hours , so please call 9455 1112 for appointment times.

To make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists call Australian Sports Physiotherapy on 1300 651 256. 

What are the fees for a standard consultation?

As AOSM covers a variety of health care workers, a complete list of fees cannot be provided on this site. Please see ‘Our Team’ and be directed to the supplied link for each provider’s website. Providers have their own friendly staff to assist you with making appointments and full disclosure of fees.

What about Parking and Public Transport?

Metered and time restricted parking is available on Martin St, Burgundy St and neighbouring streets, as well as across the road at the Austin Hospital. Please check signage when parking. We would NOT advise parking in a ½ or 1 hour meter.

Limited onsite multi-level parking is available at Warringal Private Hospital (Secure Parking entry from 216 Burgundy St). Open 7 days, 6am – Midnight. Pay & Display with tickets purchased from machines (coins and credit cards accepted).

Disabled car parking is available in the multi-level carpark as well as on Burgundy St in front of the hospital.

Warringal Private Hospital and Burgundy St are also accessible by Bus Routes 513 & 551. The closest train station is Heidelberg, which is a < 400 metres/ 4 minute walk.
Please visit to plan your journey.

AOSM strives to provide a modern approach to deliver expert and personalised care, in partnership with our patients. Through our dedicated team of sports GPs, we provide access to a high quality, integrated sports medicine and orthopaedic surgical precinct for all types of orthopaedic upper and lower limb injuries and conditions.
Our Vision Statement
AOSM offers the latest in interventional and non-interventional management options, to advance your health care goals. Through research and teaching, AOSM represents the future in orthopaedic and holistic medical management of patients.
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